The truth of New Promise has been started from the ceremony of Passover in the evening before the Cross by Jesus Christ. It has been observed continuously till 167. However, the church began to corrupt and excluded the truth of New Promise. There were people who desired to observe New Promise have been not only treated as heresy but also suppressed by the church, so they were discontinued naturally.

Teacher, Ahn Sanghong received baptism by immersion
November 1953: Teacher, Ahn Sanghong began to restore the truth of the Early Church and the New Promise came to appear through teacher, Ahn Sanghong at time of prophecy.
24th March 1962: 23 believers attended the first worship in Mr. Kim’s house in Wooil-Dong, Haewoondae on the Sabbath.
October 1964: The church of Great Atonement was organized.
25th April 1964: Gwangan Church was established.
25th April 1964: Suncheon Church was established.
16th April 1965: Pohang Church was established
2nd June 1968: Jinju Church was established.
31st March 1969: Poongi Church was established.
25th March 1972: Seoul Church was established.
4th July 1972: Jindo Church was established.
April 1981: Ulsan Church was established.
April 1981: Gwangju Church was established.
December 1983: Daegu Church was established.
February 1985: Teacher, Ahn Sanghong passed away.
1985: Church was divided to New Promise Passover, Church of God and Ahn Sanghong Witness Church of God (World Gospel Mission Association Church of God)
April 1986: Ansan Church was established
May 2005: Songpa Church was established.